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Cursed (The Guardian Chronicles #1)

Half-succubus Jazz Watkins spends her days navigating the halls of Moreland High and her nights knee deep in Chicago drug dens hunting Suecai – an evil kind of incubi and succubae who devour the souls of humans. But when a leader of the Suecai curses her, Jazz has to track him down. Either she kills him before the curse burns through her, or she’ll become a full-fledged, out of control, soul sucking monster.

She’s got a handful of weeks, absolutely no leads, and her sexy best guy-friend and team member, Khan, covering her back. But will the growing attraction she feels for Khan get in the way of her mission to save her own life?

What People Are Saying

  • This is one kick ass main character. The story has it all, drama, action, romance, magic. I especially like that Jazz has the inner strength to carry on regardless of whether she's fighting, running, held prisoner or being romanced. She is fearless and focused. I bought this for the young women in my life. Jazz is an excellent role model in addition to being a strong, personally centered character. I highly recommend this book. - Janet Stebbins
  • I love strong female heroines (think Buffy or Katniss) and Jasmine is an awesomely tough, likeable addition to my lineup. She's a team leader, trained to fight the Suecai who drain humans of their life force. I love the action scenes and the way everyone, even her best-friend (seriously hot and sexy best friend) Khan who's (in her words) "not the boss of me, literally" knows to take her seriously. Now...when's the next one out? - MysteryReader&Writer