Saturday, September 1st 2018

Making Time to Write: Any Time is a Good Amount of Time

My life drastically changed when I added the mommy title to my list of descriptors. Prior to my little mans arrival I had what now feels like loads and loads of time to do everything that I could ever want and think up. Yes, I worked a full 40 hours, and between that and being a wife and an author I had plenty on my plate, but doing others things I “liked” to do – things that were wants and not needs – felt easy. Hell, I had a television schedule down pat that was not to be disturbed. My own mom knew not to bother me on Scandal night!

Now, if it’s not on DVR, I don’t watch it. I spend more time watching the minions and Baby TV than I’d care to admit, and doing simple things like exercising this body that I do not recognize and eating balanced meals feel like a battle.

So, how do I make time to write?

I had to learn that those days of writing for long stints of time were a luxury, and mostly over. I mourned that part of my life. And believe me, you have to take some time to mourn. Without that, you may try to hold on to the old way of doing things in frustration, and that will get you nowhere. It has taken me nearly 2 years to get that through my head, but now that I’m there I’m never looking back.

Actual footage of me trying to hold on to my old writing schedule!


Now I write during my lunch breaks while at work. Or during my kiddos nap time. Sometimes I write in short and quick moments of quiet, and sometimes when my little man is in the room with me, but distracted by his shows. My writing may not be as clean during the first draft now, but I know I’ll have time to polish it up later.

Take advantage of all those moments and it will add up to some substantial writing!


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