Author Visits

Librarians and Teachers, are you looking to encourage your students to tap into their creative side? All the smart folks out there (i.e. scientists and folks who study such things) say that a healthy dose of the arts is a great way to promote enthusiasm and fire and engagement in your students. And what do you know, I am kinda artsy in my own way!

I love visiting schools to discuss my books, my writing process, and the craziness that is this industry of publishing. My teen writing workshop with the Arlington Library system was so well received that we doubled our participation by the final workshop! I can promise that your kiddos will have fun, learn some things, and have their minds opened up to various possibilities. I can’t promise that they won’t turn out weird, because weird and author just kind of go hand in hand.

If you’re interested, feel free to contact me!

My rates are $100 per hour.


“Trakena has a great presence with teens that helps the, stay enthusiastic and engaged in the conversations. By the end of the sessions we saw a lot of great stories as well as shy kiddos practicing their oral presentation skills!”

-Yuliana Aceves – Program Specialist, Arlington Public Library


Want information on the conferences I’ll speak at, or just where I’ll frequent? Check out the events page!